Pest Control Services FAQ

1) What is Pest Control?
Pest Control Refers to the management of the species which basically can cause health issues. Example : Cockroaches , Rat , Mosquitoes.

2) Where Do we Provide Pest Control Service?
We Provide Pest Control to Residential, Industrial & Commercial.

3) Why Choose ZX Pest Control Services?
ZX Pest Control is a well-established, friendly and professional company that takes great pride in providing the highest standard of pest control in Delhi NCR. Our mission is to provide pest control in a proficient manner, assuring clients of our dedication to continually enhance customer services regarding client satisfaction, quality and value for money and environmental awareness. ZX Pest Control based in Delhi NCR, have over 800 clients in Commercial & Industrial. • 12 year Old Company – Year of Establishment 2008 • We are Associate with international Brands – BAYER INDIA, FMC & GHARDA CHEMICALS • Provide Odorless treatment (Safe for Human Beings) • Cost Effective • 24/7 Services Available

4) How Much Should Pest Control Cost?
Cost for Pest Control Depends upon Area we are treating & the Type of services required. Example: General Pest Control includes basic Crawling insects & if it’s a residence with Area of 900 Sqft to 1200 Sqft. Then the Charges will be Rs 900 /- for Single Service.

5) Do I need to leave the house for Pest Control?
Not Required. Person Can Stay Home & Utilize His/Her Home After the work is done.

6) How long does a Pest Control Treatment Last?
If it’s a General Pest Control Treatment – It May Long Last up to 3 Months Time If it’s a Anti Termite Treatment – It May Long last For 2 Year or More Every treatment has its own Validity.

7) Will The Pest Control Treatment Harm My Furniture?
No It Will Not Harm any of Your Belongings.

8) Will Pest Control Harm My Pest?
No It Will Not Harm Any Pet but in some of the Treatment It May Cause Problem So we tell the property owner to shift pet for 2 or three Hours if required. Example: Rodent Control

9) How Long after the initial Treatment Does it Take to See the Results?
Result can be Notice Just after the Treatment But we tell them to wait for 7 Days & Analyze if your problem is not solved …. Will send Our Technician for Re Visit.

10) What type of Treatment Methods Does ZX Pest Control Offer?
• High Pressure Spray • Gel Treatment • Fogging • Trapping • Drill Based Treatment For Anti Termite Treatment And Many More ……..

11) Is Pest Management Safe For my Family & Pets?
Yes it is Completely Safe for Family & Pets 12) What are the Benefits of hiring Pest Control Services?
• Pests Elimination Guaranteed • Safe Products • Save Time • Expertise • Licensed company

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ZX Pest control offers complete pest control solution. Our professional executives deliver high performance pest treatment with 100% result. We only certified Bayer products for pest control treatments.